Dirt Cheap

Paperback reads. We love them cheap. We love them dirty. We love to ask: why are white men the only ones with inner lives or three-dimensional personalities? Hosts Amanda Meadows and Geoffrey Golden dig deep into the dollar bins of used bookstores and your grandmother’s storage unit, looking for pulp and sass. Dirt Cheap brings those long-lost stories to life, with a heavy dose of humor and a dash of schadenfreude. This season, we're reading Murder in the Glass Room, a Los Angeles noir novel starring Phil Norris, a misanthropic bookie-turned-detective who's bad at his job and obsessed with furniture. It’s the poolside podcast you’ve been waiting for.


Based on the perfectly pulpy novel...

Murder in the Glass Room

Phil Norris isnot your typical noir detective. He’s neurotic, emotional, and almost as obsessed with interior design as he is obsessed with himself. Phil’s a bookie who stumbles into crime-solving when his wife is found dead, and he’s inadvertently made himself into the prime suspect. You’ll learn to love to hate on Phil — and maybe even empathize with him occasionally. Written by a noir buff and his communist poet co-author, Murder in the Glass Room is delightfully all over the place, sometimes touching, and always ripe for mockery.

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Meet the Hosts

Amanda Meadows and Geoffrey Golden are two goofballs from Los Angeles. They founded The Devastator, which was the only comedy press in America, praised by The AV Club, WIRED, Entertainment Weekly, and more. They’ve also written and created podcasts and audio fiction for Stitcher, Nerdist, Wondery, and Campfire Media. Now, Amanda is a senior editor at comics publisher Oni Press, and Geoffrey is a narrative designer for video game studios around the world. That’s right – comics, podcasts, videogames – Geoffrey and Amanda are masters of the trash arts! Their cat Gilda insisted on being mentioned here.